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Advice on Smart box MXQ Pro 4K

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dadap Sun 26-Mar-17 13:23:22

advice on smart box like this - I am thinking of getting one as new movies seem to come up - I hear people watch new releases all the time but are they legal and what does jailbroken mean on the ones advertised on eBay? I haven't a clue so idiots guide would be useful

Tomzski Mon 27-Mar-17 17:57:54

Basically, when they advertise Jailbroken, fully loaded and the like on eBay with a Kodi media player it means it has been setup to watch pirated content. They are not legal and quite often stop working in how they were originally setup as the illegal services get shut down, meaning you would have to find new services, set them up so you can continue to watch the pirated content.

To be honest, these boxes are a way for people with the knowledge to set them up to make a quick bit of cash then disappear when they stop working. There are better ways to pirate content if you are technically minded and these just exploit people by tricking them into thinking it is a legal service.

The best bet for watching great content is to buy something like an Amazon FireTV stick, NowTV box or an Apple TV combined with an Amazon Prime, Netflix or NowTV subscription. These will give great content and there is always something to watch - Netflix and Amazon make their own shows which are worth the price of admission alone. You can also then rent the latest releases when you want to see them all without the risk of a nasty copyright infringement letter coming through the door.

I personally have a subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Me and my wife don't even have our Virgin Media TiVo plugged in as between them, iPlayer and other catch-up services all our TV requirements are covered.

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