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A Gaming/Movies/Pop Culture/Internet guide for parents

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WeighingIn Sun 26-Mar-17 11:48:02

As someone who spends every moment of her spare time gaming, watching movies or tv series and browsing the internet Ive found myself answering alot of questions from concern parents about websites, games and movies for those with children on Facebook and Reddit.

So I was wondering how much interest there was if I was to create a series of short videos for Youtube and Facebook on the games, apps, websites, tv shows, movies or general 'internet-isms' that you are concerned about to give you better insight into what they are and what they have on them for you to make a choice on if its safe for you your kids or just to give you better knowledge without spending your limited time researching them.

Please let me know. If there is enough interest, It will be something I will certainly look into doing.

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