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Facebook: Hi Faily, let's secure your account

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Failybok Fri 24-Mar-17 20:51:02

I checked my timeline on my Facebook page, there were two posts from a while ago that stated only I could see and were you were born 670 years ago with 6 children type of thing.
Above the posts there was a message that said something like 'this looks like spam, do a security check' I clicked on the link and it forwarded me to a page which says 'Hi Faily, let's secure your account.' If I press let's get started from this page the next page states it look like some changes have been made to your account and the following page asks me to change my password.
I have tried to go backwards out of the original page but it won't let me. I logged out but every time I try logging back in it takes me to the Hi Faily page.
I can't find anything on Facebook security help pages to suggest this is legit and when I've tried to search my name on Facebook no people are found.
Please can anyone advise if this is Facebook or if I've clicked onto some sort of phishing site.

Pauljob Tue 29-Aug-17 08:50:09

We have the same here. Any ideas what to do?

ClaudiaWankleman Tue 29-Aug-17 08:52:23

Can you take a screenshot?

Try checking your browser history - what is the URL of the page? Does it look like a real Facebook one?

Clearing cookies may allow you to log back into your account.

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