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Apple sport Watch

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MindfulBear Tue 14-Mar-17 19:43:25

Lovely DH bought me an Apple Watch (via goupon) last year as a surprise gift

Soon it had a small crack on the top right of the screen - gggr. The crack appears to be getting longer. Double gggrrrr

What would you do? Stick a protective cover on and ignore it? & if so, which one? (I tried a cover before but it steamed up when I went to the gym and wouldn't respond to touch so I got rid of it!).

If not..... what other options are there?

I'm not impressed with the screen. I have never had a watch suffer so many scratches. It's very disappointing given the price. I wonder when the next will come out and whether I will be able to sell this one to part fund the purchase...!

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