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OnePlus 3T Android Smartphone - anyone recommend?

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GavelRavel Sun 05-Mar-17 15:35:34

Does anyone have a OnePlus 3T phone?. I am considering buying one as my less than 2y old Nexus 5X, which I loved, has suffered a hardware fault and apparently I am to be refunded the purchase prices of £349.99 by LG. I would ideally get a Google Pixel but I can't bring myself, on principle, to pay 700 odd quid for a smartphone, straying into ludicrous iphone territory. The OnePlus 3T is £399 which is more reasonable and it looks pretty good value.

I am a power user, Android only and I would prefer pure vanilla Android. I couldn't cope with the Samsung UI so a Galaxy 7 is out (also silly prices), but I understand the OnePlus Oxygen software isn't too intrusive? I have had the Nexus 5X and before that a Nexus 5 both of which were great. If I buy a OnePlus 3T will I regret not stumping up the extra for the Pixel?

Also, does anyone know how to unlock a Nokia 1661 from Vodaphone so I can use it with my three SIM while waiting for a new phone?

befairdontjudge Sun 05-Mar-17 23:32:46

Never had one but would love one. I have an ASUS ZenFone 2 it is fab. I buy my phones and a have Sim Only contract. I love tech I can change my phone whenever I wish.

befairdontjudge Sun 05-Mar-17 23:34:05

You may get an unlock code from Ebay. I have found that to be a reliable cheap way to get them.

AwfulSomething Thu 13-Apr-17 14:49:41

I have the OnePlus 3 and it's fantastic, the 3T is only a slightly upgraded model and is getting amazing reviews. Oxygen is a really simple yet robust rom, none of the nasty Samsung style rubbish, and if not to your taste there is really enthusiastic dev community over at XDA. You can unlock the boot loader and root without voiding your warranty which is a rarity in the phone world.

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