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Office 365 on iPad for homework?

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Achoopichu Sat 25-Feb-17 15:27:10

My laptop is behaving very strangely. I can't afford a new one but we have two iPads at home. I'm thinking of downloading the word excel and PowerPoint apps and Subscribing to onedrive. And I can get keyboards to go with the ipads.

My kids are 10 and 14.

Does anyone do this? Should it work for homework?

I've been really disappointed with last laptop it's only 2 years old and really slow and getting lots of ads and unresponsive webpages.

Wish I could afford a MacBook!

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Sat 25-Feb-17 15:32:06

We have office 365 at work. No one likes it. It's really slow, I just use normal office wherever possible.

codewaist Sat 25-Feb-17 17:19:24

Is your laptop only slow when using a web browser or all the time? I'd consider formatting and reinstalling the operating system to see if that improves things. A two year old laptop shouldn't be slow (although it depends on the specification) but this can be caused by installing lots of browser plugins

Achoopichu Sat 25-Feb-17 17:53:09

Is that just a case of using the system restore disk? If I can find itconfused

codewaist Sat 25-Feb-17 20:56:03

It's quite likely that it has a recovery partition rather than a disk with a laptop of that age. It's not hard tondo but remember backup any important files.

cdtaylornats Sat 25-Feb-17 22:27:10

You could try defragmenting the disk
For windows 7
Go into All Programs>Accessories
select System Tools
then Defragmenter

other versions google defrag hard drive

Achoopichu Sun 26-Feb-17 18:12:14

Done a defrag but still bad.

My IT friend has looked at what's going on in task manager - slim cleaner removal has helped a lot. But then in IE got dodgy talking message saying my bank details are being sent round internet. Running full macafee virus scan now then will download ad blocker.

Taking aaaageshmm

Something's not right. Will restore os if this doesn't work

GavelRavel Sun 05-Mar-17 15:39:37

I have an office 365 annual sub that means you can download all the office product on 5 devices, one of them is on DSs ipad - works fine for word docs etc.

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