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Putting films/TV on FIRE tablet

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WelshMoth Tue 07-Feb-17 04:37:23

DD's have a tablet each. I've put SD cards into both. We're
Off on a long drive shortly and would like to put a few movies on them both. How do I do this? I'm a Prime member of this makes any difference to cost. They'll have no roaming on the journey so I'd need to download beforehand. Is this possible?


NightWanderer Tue 07-Feb-17 05:20:38

On the actual film/TV show below the "watch now" button, there is a "download" button. Or by the episode name there is an arrow pointing down to an open box icon.

WelshMoth Tue 07-Feb-17 06:30:08

Thanks NW I'll give that a go.

perhapsiwill Tue 07-Feb-17 07:16:40

You may find that you can only download one or maybe two. That is the problem we had, they take up a lot of storage

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