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Skype is shutting down my computer! Please help

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LoveforPGTipsMonkey Fri 03-Feb-17 19:47:53

I have a new weird problem with Skype. I will need to use it tomorrow so have tried dealing with it myself. This started a few weeks ago and hace tried things then but was hoping it will sort itself out after being unused for weeks - no such luck!
So it used to work fine (windows) but few wks ago just touching the icon on desktop to open skype, it caused the comouter to freeze. I had to turn it off physically by 'off' button - after turning on again, internet and the rest of prorgs worked but again the second I touched Skype - either on Sart menu or on desktop, all froze.
Today tried unistalling - it unistalled then tried to install new one, but made a mistake of not saving the application first as advised on the site - it just opened, and in that process of installing, all froze again. So turned al loff as usual and tried unistalling again - now even that didn't work and froze.
Tried starting in Safe mode - and internet didn't work at all.
Every time I touch skype the 'internet connection' light goes off. It works when turn on again but NOT in safe mode.

Please help! do I unistall again and then install by saving as appropriate - but then it may freeze again. Is this somrething to do with 'cache' as it shows message waiting to clear cache when the thing freezes (but message quickly disappears)? how to clear the cache in this case?

antimatter Sat 04-Feb-17 22:28:39

Try to use Skype on your phone instead for now.

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