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What would be the best laptop / ipad for college?

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chuffinalong Thu 02-Feb-17 19:25:38

Hi, I'm going to need a more reliable computer for my college course. My laptop at home has loads of viruses, despite having malware on it. It keeps showing very inappropriate pop ups and with my 11 year old daughter peering over my shoulder, that isn't ideal!
My mum suggested I get an MacBook air, as that's what she has and she says that apple don't get viruses. I'm not sure if this is true, as my daughters ipad has had some inappropriate pop ups as well. Not sure if it's linked to the home wifi? We do need a new box, as we can't always connect to the internet while home.
I'll need to get word installed on it and powerpoint as I'll need to put together presentations.
The MacBook is so expensive though, I just wondered if it really is worth the extra money? I'd love to be able to get a cheaper one, but I don't want all the viruses.

Ferguson Thu 02-Feb-17 20:02:08

If you get anti-virus protection programs installed that should detect viruses. And I don't know what you mean about 'malware'; I thought that was just another kind of virus.

We use Linux, and don't have virus problems.

If you receive 'spam' emails, NEVER open any attachments as that can be where the viruses are planted.

If you want a Windows machine I think Dell and Hewlett Packard are reasonable brands; bear in mind you will probably have to pay extra for Word and PowerPoint, and a new computer may not come with much software.

If you need to do a lot of typing, a desktop 'office machine' if much easier to type on than a 'laptop', but if you need to carry it around laptop is better. We have a HP keyboard, and you can plug in a keyboard when you are at home.

rollonthesummer Thu 02-Feb-17 20:04:11

My DS says that the ONLY people who bring their own laptops to college are the ones with MacBooks. Everything else is just too embarrassing to be seen with apparently. I suspect he is just trying to convince me to buy him one grin

Ferguson Thu 02-Feb-17 20:05:50

. . .Oh; and if you are transferring files over from the old machine, to the new one when you get it, run Virus 'killers' FIRST.

chuffinalong Thu 02-Feb-17 20:11:48

That is so funny rollonsummer!! Well I'm 36 years old and according to my 11 year old DD, I'm the most embarrassing person on this planet anyway... grin Not sure a MacBook could save me from myself, although it might help?

Thanks everyone for your responses!

chuffinalong Thu 02-Feb-17 20:13:48

Thank you for the warning. smile

languagelearner Thu 02-Feb-17 20:14:37

Have you run Malwarebytes program lately?
Do you have an antivirus software on your laptop? If not, take you pick, some use McAfee, others use F-Secure, and others use Norton, Kaspersky, TrendMicro etc. etc. etc.
If your laptop is very infested maybe you could do a full reset, or - as someone suggested - install Linux. Search online to find out how to do this (it's not only for computer geeks, it's actually quite simple).

languagelearner Thu 02-Feb-17 20:17:57

Try this first, "housecall", I've used it once, ages ago but it still seems to be around: It's from TrendMicro.

Ferguson Thu 02-Feb-17 20:21:46

rollonthesummer - I'm afraid your DS has a lot of silly friends then, who LIKE wasting money, because there is no real advantage in Mac machines, other than they look 'cool'!

SaucyDough Thu 02-Feb-17 20:26:44

Realistically it's just a preference - if you choose the right model Macs and PCs can be very good.

Macs get viruses very rarely because Apple restricts the applications which are allowed to run on them (unless you change the settings manually). They're also not targeted very often because fewer people use them.

chuffinalong Thu 02-Feb-17 20:52:00

Thanks everyone. It is malwarebites hat I already have. We've had this laptop about 8 years now and we bought it 2nd hand at the time, so it's had a good innings.

languagelearner Fri 03-Feb-17 04:10:10

Eight years!? shock You could try one final thing, though, and that is to reinstall Linux on it. I successfully installed Linux Fedora on a laptop that was this old. No use struggling with "Windows" if it is that old (what version is that? XP? Should not be used anymore as it's not supported, if I'm not entirely mistaken.)

doggle Fri 03-Feb-17 05:33:52

summer's ds is absolutely correct - I would say 95% of the thousands of students (literally) I see every week are using a macbook air. genuinely not kidding. i have no idea why. apple usually offer a student discount through their education site, but not sure if it's all year round. it's not vast, maybe 10-20%? I got free wireless headphones along with my discount when i ordered mine. dd1 was green with envy. (she got her macbook with education discount, but not when the free headphones offer was on lol)
I can't think of anyone in any of my classes that uses anything else...

languagelearner Fri 03-Feb-17 06:16:58

If it wasn't so expensive I too would consider MacBook air, but it's too expensive for me...

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