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Windows 10 update - and problems with mouse

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unlucky83 Sat 28-Jan-17 18:12:56

Updated last year to Windows 10 from Windows 7 on my laptop- I thought no problems.
At some point I noticed my external optical mouse was dragging etc - it was a good few years old so not really surprised. I faffed around with it a bit, couldn't see anything obviously wrong with it (looked inside and it was gross - years of dust build up...) and got a really old mouse out (one with a ball) that was ok -but again had problems with dragging etc.-
I treated myself to a new wireless optical mouse - still had problems with dragging, losing the cursor etc. Checked the drivers were up to date etc.
Came to the conclusion that it was my mousepad (also ancient -with a few scratches and a pattern) - so bought a new mouse is still playing up ...
Looked online in desperation - and found that a few people are complaining about the Windows 10 and mouse problems - with lots of solutions - some from a couple of years ago ...and some supposedly solved with updates.
I rarely use the touchpad mouse - so I am a bit cack-handed with it anyway but I think that has been playing up too...
So has anyone else come across this problem - recently . Does anyone have any idea of the best thing to try?

I've tried to delete it and then reinstall it but then it crashes the computer - in the settings it says it is removing it - then sticks...
If I try and restart the computer - it gets stuck at restarting - I have to force it to shut down (using the power key) -then it seems to boot up normally.
I did a system restore and it said it didn't complete but that seemed to be due to a Java update done after the last restore point...
Looking online for help I could find something about problems removing blue tooth devices- and find I have the same problem - I have an old mobile phone as a blue tooth connected device - and it won't let me remove that either ...(even if I turn the WIFi off ...which makes no sense but seems to work for some people)...
Thinking about doing a Windows 10 refresh - but I have lots of programs and settings etc I'll have to reinstall etc...
(and firefox just updated and I lost all my extensions etc -so have spent enough time messing around with computers recently -really can't face that)
But at times the mouse is unusable...

cdtaylornats Sat 28-Jan-17 20:59:30

Turn of Cortana

unlucky83 Sat 28-Jan-17 21:59:10

I thought I had - everything in the settings was off -but I've now used a registry hack which hopefully has done it now (but how do you know if it is definitely off?)
Mouse is working fine at the moment but it is a bit intermittent
(not having a good time with computers ...firefox spellcheck had turned itself off - and I'm so used to it I'm lazy - just realised I've sent out an email to 20+ people with a typo in the title - that means replies won't filter to the right label...FFS)

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