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how do i get links when on internet explorer??

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MamazonAKAfatty Thu 22-Feb-07 23:29:54

I used to have MSN as my main page and i could just copy and paste the link form the adress bar at the top. but for soem reason my comp wont allow me to go to MSN anymore and instead i have to use IE.

well i know have a row of weird icons starting with teh back button, refresh, fave's etc etc.
then a yahoo bar, then the ones with my email and stuff on.

but i cannot seem to get a copy of the adress of the page im on so that i can copy it for a link.

i know i havent described that very well but my technical abilities are limited to switching lights on.
if anyone can help i would be really gratefull.

BadHair Thu 22-Feb-07 23:50:27

Is the Address Bar switched on? Go to View, Toolbars, then make sure the Address Bar is ticked.

Katy44 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:59:07

Also try pressing F11 (if it doesn't work press it again to go back to how you were).
(BadHair, sorry if that's exactly the same as yours, I have no idea!!)
The yahoo toobar has caused me a lot of headaches in the past, I have to keep uninstalling it. I have no idea how it keeps being installed!

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