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Can anyone help-websites/domain names etc - website down

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flier Thu 12-Jan-17 11:05:14

I work for a small charity and we'v had our website for a number of years. Just before christmas, whenever I tried to look at the website, I got a webpage from "Heart Internet" saying "This domain has been registered by Heart Internet if you are the owner of this domain please login".
I don;t have any login details, but when I phoned their support, they told me that our domain was actually registered through 195SEO.
I googled 195SEO and contacted them. they were really helpful but I didn;t have a clue what they were saying, really. They seemed to think that perhaps a former employee has dealt with our website in a private capacity and that there was no way to get hold of him.

Any ideas how I can get our website back or is it gone for good? Even if I created a new website using a free website builder will our name not be able to be used, a least not with ".com" after it?

languagelearner Thu 12-Jan-17 11:22:14

I believe it's called "domain hijacking" or "cybersquatting", read here on Wikipedia: and
Try to google for "prevent cybersquatting" the final switch makes the search pick UK pages exclusively from the entire sea of www results.

flier Thu 12-Jan-17 12:05:46

Thanks languagelearner, but from what I can tell, our domain name is still registered, with another company, who I am in communication with. It is the host who can't be contacted, from what I understand.

prh47bridge Fri 13-Jan-17 00:44:50

I'm afraid it does sometimes happen that an employee, particularly with a small business, registers the domain name or sorts out the hosting using their personal credit card and details. If they subsequently leave the company can lose its domain name and/or website.

I may be able to help if you would like to PM me. I will need to know the domain name and the name of the charity.

flier Fri 13-Jan-17 11:43:10

Thanks prh47bridge, I have sent you a PM

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