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Anyone know anything about podcasts?

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ilovehalloumi Wed 11-Jan-17 22:53:07

I want to get into podcasts, I am starting to walk to work (new year, get fit) and I would LOVE to have something to listen to that's not the radio while I do.

I have an android phone, is there a good app?

Can anyone recommend any good podcasts? I'm a thirty something academic, mother, gin drinking, current affairs obsessive.


MauiPooTroll Wed 11-Jan-17 22:59:01

I love Stuff You Should Know and the Woman's Hour podcast. This American Life is great - and if you didn't listen to Serial you're in for a treat (kind of, treat us probably the wrong word...) Lots of the Radio 4 programmes actually, Just a Minute is good.

There's a lot of true crime stuff around at the moment too - probably following on from the success of Serial... I

ilovehalloumi Wed 11-Jan-17 23:23:16

Oooh okay, all noted. How do you listen to them?

AWhistlingWoman Wed 11-Jan-17 23:32:23

I love podcasts!

I use the Overcast app to listen. I think you can get it on Android?

I love . .
Strangers - in depth personal stories
99% Invisible - a podcast about design
The Heart - intimate story telling
Reply All - about the internet
Mystery Show

All well worth a listen!

MauiPooTroll Wed 11-Jan-17 23:34:21

I just use the podcasts app on my iPhone, if you're android I'd just google it - or someone will be along who listens via android soon I'd imagine! Happy listening smile

KanyesVest Wed 11-Jan-17 23:35:59

Audioboom is a good app and some interesting stuff on sound cloud. I like no such thing as a fish by the QI elves, the Simon Mayo / Mark Kermode bbc film review show, Ted talks, Serial, The Women's Podcast, and some of The Cracked Podcast is really interesting and good for a long walk.

AddToBasket Wed 11-Jan-17 23:38:33

The Spectator podcasts are good. Also Economist.

ilovehalloumi Wed 11-Jan-17 23:41:23

Amazing!! Thank you

ighinici Thu 19-Jan-17 12:44:44

with a bit of delay, some of the ones i like are Freakonomics (a bit about everything) is nice, Point of Inquiry (philosophical, political debate), Death, Sex and Money is also very interesting (pretty obvious what it's about), BBC's Documentaries are also quite nice. my partner loves Radiolab (a science-y look at various things) and The Moth (people telling stories from their life experiences).

and i use Gpodder and my partner uses antennapod to manage/sync podcasts.

impostersyndrome Sat 21-Jan-17 20:10:55

As an academic you may like radio 4 Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor and In Our Time, for the latter you can choose subjects such as history.

Current affairs ones I like are From Out Own Correspondent and The Bottom Line (despite Evan Davies annoying giggle)

I use the podcast app on my iPhone to subscribe and then download from the back catalogue. Very intuitive to use.

babymouse Sat 21-Jan-17 20:17:23

I used to use Sticher, but now use Podcast Addict which allows you to speed up the podcasts which allows me to fit more in (and drive my dh nuts!)

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