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Norton Antivirus - help needed!

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redclover79 Tue 20-Feb-07 13:18:26

Aaarggghhh!!! I've just switched my pc on to do some mumsnetting while ds is at preschool and my antivirus is saying it has been tampered with and needs reinstalling. It did this last week, I rebooted and it was fine, like nothing had happened. I do virus scans once a week and nothing has ever shown up... I don't understand!! I also have no idea how to uninstall the antivirus, is there a button somewhere?! TIA

saffymum Tue 20-Feb-07 13:24:10

Hi, if you go to the bottom left 'Start' choose 'Control Panel' then 'Add or Remove Programs'. Look on the list for Norton and it should give you a choice to 'uninstall' Hope this helps.

HandyTrinkett Tue 20-Feb-07 14:56:00

norton is a complete pain in the arse.. ...pokes its nose in where it's not wanted and generally buggers things around. When your licence expires consider NOD32 - it's the only one thats never missed a virus 'in the wild' and doesn't f*#k around with your machine. You'll also noticed your machine zipping along as it's less memory hungry than the norton beast.
Until then , follow Saffys advice..

redclover79 Wed 21-Feb-07 15:06:01

Thanks saffymum, seems to be working ok today, although I've had no end of problems with it!
Handytrinkett it's the 2004 version, can't afford to pay for anything new so it's limping on!! Will look into your suggestion though, thanks!

saffymum Thu 22-Feb-07 13:16:14

Hi, I've got McAfee now which I find is better and its about £30 a year. My BT line has fried my modem and now I can't get onto my pc either I hate the damn things.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 22-Feb-07 13:17:47

God, yeah, Norton's a real pig to remove. It's the only problem with Dell laptops, they come with Norton on, which sucks.

I think DH managed to get Norton off our neighbour's laptop, but can't get it off ours.

redclover79 Thu 22-Feb-07 22:47:59

Well, norton seems to have gotten over it's little stropette, will look at mcafee too!! Thanks everyone!

sazjaz Thu 22-Feb-07 22:52:47

i also have norton . does n e 1 know any other ones i could use instead

shosha Thu 22-Feb-07 22:53:17

Message withdrawn

RustyBear Thu 22-Feb-07 22:57:28

I use AVG - it's free & extremely good. It's slower than commercial ones when scanning, but I think that's worth it - I just leave it to run while I'm doing something else.

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