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photos on dropbox

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comehomemax Tue 27-Dec-16 19:30:59

I have previously paid for storage of photos on dropbox but I now have amazon prime so essentially have the same thing. I want to transfer my historical photos onto the Amazon cloud and not renew soapbox but I have no idea how to and Google isn't helping.

Can anyone advise please?

prh47bridge Wed 28-Dec-16 14:25:46

You can't transfer the photos direct but you can still copy them. Everything you have stored on Dropbox should be in the Dropbox folder on your PC. If it isn't, download it. You can then upload the photos to Amazon. Once they are on Amazon you can delete them from Dropbox if you don't want them there any more.

comehomemax Thu 29-Dec-16 19:59:37

Thanks! I will give that a go!

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