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Android not sending emails

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milkmoustache Tue 27-Dec-16 15:58:36

This seems to have just started being a problem in the last few days. My Moto e has just been telling me that messages sent from the Gmail and AOL account have failed to send, no error message or any further details! I am pretty sure I am within my data limit, and am on a monthly contract, so I don't know what to do to solve this. I am not naturally techy.... Have any clever people out there an idea what I should do now?? Please?

milkmoustache Tue 27-Dec-16 20:15:53


prh47bridge Wed 28-Dec-16 14:23:27

Are you still receiving incoming emails on those accounts?

milkmoustache Wed 28-Dec-16 19:00:21

Yes I am, but if I type a name into the address line my contacts don't come up automatically.

milkmoustache Wed 28-Dec-16 19:03:14

The incoming emails work perfectly normally, it's very confusing....

Sadik Wed 28-Dec-16 19:24:14

Had this problem at work though from computer not mobile - it emerged after some investigation that the SMTP (ie outgoing) server name had changed some longtime back, the previous server had still been in use but finally retired. Hence why our outgoing mail had suddenly stopped working . . .
So - first thing I'd do would be check your settings and see that the SMTP server name is correct.

milkmoustache Wed 28-Dec-16 20:17:36

Thanks Sadik, where would I find that in my settings? Nothing called SMTP is jumping out at me.

Sadik Wed 28-Dec-16 21:07:43

From the gmail app on my mobile (android) I go to Manage accounts, personal (IMAP), account settings, choose the email address I want, then outgoing settings.

When I first set it up on android my mail wasn't sending because I hadn't spotted that it had defaulted to my personal email address, whereas I need it to be for my mail server. Obviously if yours was working and now isn't that isn't likely to be the problem, but if you can find the SMTP server name you can do a quick google & see if it looks right for your mail provider. (quick search says:

SMTP Outgoing Server Address: Set the port to 587
SMTP Username: (or,, etc.)
SMTP Password: password you use to login to Mail )

milkmoustache Thu 29-Dec-16 10:51:04

Hmm, I am baffled! My AOL account does have what looks like the correct SMTP server linked to it, but for my Gmail account I can't find any data about servers within the settings anywhere. It just isn't there, I would expect there to be an identical list of options for both accounts. And there is another detail regarding my emails, which is that when I delete old ones from my Inbox, next time I look they are still sitting there. I would love to sort it out myself but I am beginning to wonder if that is possible.... But thanks for trying, Sadik.

Sadik Thu 29-Dec-16 12:28:27

Non-deleting emails is part of the same problem - in that the phone isn't sending the message to the server that you want to delete them.

prh47bridge Fri 30-Dec-16 10:46:41

Actually the default for the Android mail application (as with most mail applications) is that the phone will NOT delete the message from the server when you delete it from the device. To check the setting, go to the incoming settings for the account. At the bottom of the screen (you'll probably need to scroll to see it) there should be an item saying "Delete email from server". The options are "Never" and "When deleted from Inbox". If you have "Never" selected the message will remain on the server when you delete it from your inbox on your phone. If you have selected that option and you still can't delete messages on your phone the problem is not related to SMTP. Note that I am assuming you are using the built-in email app.

I presume you've tried turning the phone off and on again? If the problem persists I would try deleting your AOL account from the phone and setting it up again to see if that fixes the problem. If it works I would then do the same with your GMail account.

prh47bridge Fri 30-Dec-16 10:51:50

Having said that, if you aren't getting any of your contacts coming up when you type in a name on the address line that suggests a problem with the phone. It definitely doesn't need to talk to any servers for that. Go to Application Manager (in settings somewhere - the exact location varies and it may just be called Applications), find the email application (some Android devices will only list apps you have downloaded initially - you may need to swipe right or left a few times to get to a list of all apps) and force it to stop. If that doesn't work, turn the phone off and on again.

If you still have a problem the next question would be whether you've installed or updated anything recently. If you have that could be the problem.

Without having the phone in front of me that's about as far as I can go. Hope one of these suggestions fixes it for you.

CushionFiller Fri 30-Dec-16 11:08:50

Place marking.
I have the same problem. Will try some of these solutions later.

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