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Samsung tablet: If I buy an in app purchase in my login, will DS be able to use it in his restricted login?

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MyOtherNameIsBetter Sun 25-Dec-16 20:19:50

Santa has granted a one off in app purchase to DS as he's desperate for something in clash royale and his mean parents won't let him

He plays under his android restricted login, which can't make in app purchases. I cannot allow him in app purchases even temporarily. If I do the in app purchase under my login (in a fresh unplayed with clash royale), will he be able to see it in clash royale under his login? Or will Santa lose his £14.99 hmm

dementedpixie Mon 26-Dec-16 19:22:05

Afaik you need to be on the game logged into the profile that needs the in app purchase. What are you buying?

dementedpixie Mon 26-Dec-16 19:26:31

Super magical chest? You need to be in the right profile to get the chest on the correct account. is it the device that is locked ? Could you save his account to a gmail account and then long into it on a non locked device in order to purchase the chest

MyOtherNameIsBetter Mon 26-Dec-16 22:52:41

Thank you so much. It's a holiday pack in clash royale. His account on the device is called a 'restricted account' and is by default unable to make in app purchases. I can't grant it in app purchases.

I like the idea of the gmail account. Any idea please how I save his clash royale account to a gmail account?

dementedpixie Mon 26-Dec-16 23:06:55

You set up a gmail account that the game will be Linked to on his android device and on the main screen on clash royale you will see a 'cog wheel' at the top right. Click on it to access the settings and click on 'google play sign in'. It will then ask you which gmail account you want to save the game to.

On your android device you need to add that gmail account to your gmail account list. You then download clash of clans and when it loads you go to the settings like you did on the other device and click 'google play sign in' and choose the gmail account for his game. It will then load his game with his current progress on your device. You can then purchase the pack you want.

You can then use either device to play the game although you can't have it open on both devices at the same time

Hope that makes a little sense btw, I've maybe made it sound complicated

dementedpixie Mon 26-Dec-16 23:11:29

I mean clash royale not clash of clans, sorry (we have both games)

MyOtherNameIsBetter Mon 26-Dec-16 23:52:19

Thank you so much for your detailed help. It's not too complicated

I have downloaded Google play games (which is required to click on 'google play sign in') but now when I open clash royale it says "this app can't sign into Google play games with a restricted profile"

I don't think this is going to be possible is it.

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