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iPod novice - help! is it always this hard??

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pyjamasonbananas Fri 09-Dec-16 14:40:00

I've got the DCs iPod nanos for Christmas. Am trying to put some music, audiobooks and podcasts onto them before we give them. There MUST be an easier way to do this! What am I doing wrong??

1. Upload CD content to iTunes
2. Generally, create a playlist, so that files stick together
3. Move files from iTunes onto iPod

I've done 4 CDs and it's taken me at least 2 hours. Help help help! I can't seem to see anything that I've put on in Finder either, so I can't rearrange things or anything.

I'm going mad!

12thmonkey Wed 21-Dec-16 12:14:19

Music you manage this way becomes application data so you need to look under your applications folder in Finder, then search for itunes then right click and view application data. You should be able to find yor music that way.

On a side note, the days of ripping cd's is almost over and almost certainly only accommodated as a legacy for those that might need it. The world has gone digitial and streaming. I would recommend using a streaming service. Spotifiy is pretty much industry standard and if you can deal with the ad's you get that for free. They will regularily gives deals for free subscriptions etc and you can save the music on your device so no need to use data. Good luck.

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