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Kano and Raspberry Pi

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100greenbottles Thu 01-Dec-16 15:25:08

I know these have been discussed before - I wonder if anyone has any longer-term feedback on the Kano pi kits? Are your kids using them much, or do they find once the challenge of building is done, the product is too slow to keep them engaged? Mine (11) has done and enjoyed some coding with scratch & I'm wondering if this is perfect next step or kind of too late. Pimoroni look great too but may require more knowledge/input?

12thmonkey Wed 21-Dec-16 12:30:59

Kano kits are too expensive and are just Pi's packaged up to look nice. You are much better off buying them in bits / seperately of ebay and it will be much cheaper. Plus you can make your own housing etc.

In terms of learning, they are awesome and are pretty much game console level (90's type). Depending on the ability of the person they can be used to code basic text games or control drones. It really comes down to the level of involvment you want to have.

At 11 though i would think your childs school would be teaching coding ?? If not thats a shame. Perhaps contact them regarding code clubs.

slug Wed 21-Dec-16 13:00:44

Technology will Save Us have some nice kits that are good for that age group

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