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Wireless headphones - which ones please?

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Celeriacacaca Mon 28-Nov-16 19:42:03

DH would like some for Christmas and I don't know where to start. They're for his iPhone 6. Could someone in the know recommend some please? Modest budget...

Celeriacacaca Mon 28-Nov-16 20:21:34

I actually mean earphones, not headphones...

nutgrabber Sun 04-Dec-16 08:59:42

There is such a variety of headphones/ earphones out so you need to narrow down why exactly you want them for - e.g. Whilst listening at home or on the move etc

I'd have a look at What Hifi's recommendations on their internet site to start with for some pointers on reasonable Bluetooth cans. Your budget also has to be borne in mind too and also the recipients likely use and care of them as some are more delicate than others. I'd cross-reference any recommendations with Amazon user experiences in the real world

Wombatron Tue 06-Dec-16 03:34:54

Bose do some pretty good ones. All depends on what he wants from them (noise cancelling etc)

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