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Upgrading to windows 10

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hardheadedwoman Sat 26-Nov-16 14:32:18


My mum's PC is having problems with windows updates (she's windows 7). I've tried a whole raft of things including clearing the cache etc but nothing's worked. The error fail code indicates a virus but I've run every virus scanner and they all say the PC is clear.

So I'm thinking of saving everything and reinstalling windows. Questions:

They don't have the original windows 7 disk. If I buy a new one with a new product key will this cause problems?

If I buy a windows 10 disc will the upgrade have the same effect of wiping out any problems and starting afresh?

Thanks v m in advance

cdtaylornats Sun 27-Nov-16 09:13:18

Check to see if the product key is on a sticker anywhere on the PC - if there is then you can download Win 7 from here

If you can't find the product key then download then go to

Read the page and download the advisor and run it, that will produce a page where you will find your windows license key in the Software section listed as Microsoft - Windows 7 Professional (x64) or similar.

Once you have the key see Win 7 download above - make sure you download the one appropriate for your key.

hardheadedwoman Sun 27-Nov-16 09:28:40

Thanks cdtaylor - v useful

Once I follow these steps to reinstall, will I need to download many years of updates or do these recent installs take account of updates since W7 was launched?

cdtaylornats Sun 27-Nov-16 09:41:46

If it is a download install then all but the latest updates will be included.

hardheadedwoman Sun 27-Nov-16 11:01:10

Great - many thanks

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