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Does someone want to help me find a mobile phone?

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lljkk Fri 25-Nov-16 20:42:20

Or can you suggest how I can get decent advice? Local shop only sells phones on expensive contracts.

Let's just say I'm a grumpy sod being dragged into the SmartPhone revolution reluctantly. I need a phone that costs max £110, can play Pokemon Go, look at web pages when there's no WiFi (so must have 3G?) and can send texts as well as ring people. Oh, and it has to be unlocked so I can put a Three SIM in it (I will use the 3-2-1 tariff). I suppose Android or Apple so I can have apps to get to a few useful web pages (like Google calendar).

Can this phone do all that? Other reviews say that model has 3G, but the page selling it doesn't say 3G.

Thanks in advance, if I get any answers....

foresttrees2 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:01:56

That phone looks fine for all that.
Do you already have the SIM card? That one takes a micro sim.
It does have 3G, I actually think it would be pretty hard to buy a new phone that doesn't have 3G these days.
The main consideration I have now with phones is whether it actually fits in my pocket. I had to change from a larger one as it was too annoying and didn't fit anywhere!
It's also handy if it uses the same charger as someone else in the house - so if everyone has a micro USB one the same size it's great. However if you are the only person with an apple one that can be annoying.
Good luck with it!

lljkk Fri 25-Nov-16 21:04:06

It's a refurb'd phone (I think). Actually, I'm not sure it might be just as cheap to buy same thing brand new.

Thanks for reply... good to confirm it's probably everything I want.

lljkk Tue 29-Nov-16 20:47:47

...oh poo SOB got phone & it doesn't run Pokemon Go.
I thought it came with Lollipop (5.1.1) but actually it's stupid name Kitkat 4.4.4. And doesn't upgrade.
There are lots of Samsung Galaxy J1 models ( who knew? ) and many only run 4.4.4. At least Sainsburys makes returns fairly straightforward.

So... no more phone purchases from Sainsburys. Where in the world do you buy an inexpensive unlocked phone from but with very explicitly exactly clear info about which version of Android it runs? All hints received with gratitude.

ps: camera was a bit crap, anyway smile.

caroldecker Tue 29-Nov-16 20:59:28

Try here

Sadik Tue 29-Nov-16 21:08:48

DD has a Wileyfox Swift - it definitely runs Pokemon Go, has 4G, camera decent etc. The only downside is the GPS can be a bit flakey, but on the whole it's fine (I probably wouldn't choose it if you were going to want to use it as a satnav a lot though). Currently £116 new from Amazon, but sometimes a bit cheaper, I think dd got hers for £100

Sadik Tue 29-Nov-16 21:09:26

Runs Cyanogen OS, which she says is good and very customisable (is that a real word?)

lljkk Tue 29-Nov-16 21:37:26

thanks 4 suggestions! DH now reckons it's lack of RAM Y I can't run p-go on the J1 (sigh). Anyway, will look carefully, when I can find energy.

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