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Someone please help me

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autumnrained Fri 25-Nov-16 02:00:15

I'm looking for a laptop for ds 11. Iv got a budget of £350 and it will be used for basic school work, browsing and minecraft.

I have looked high and low!! I decide on one then change my mind confused

autumnrained Fri 25-Nov-16 08:12:21


Wombatron Sat 03-Dec-16 07:50:39

Minecraft will be the tricky bit as you need a decent processor for it. What does he currently use?

ValaMalDoran Sat 03-Dec-16 08:49:11

Ours have similar to these hp pavillion and all play Minecraft. DH has a hp laptop as well and he's a fussy sod (who also plays minecraft) Look for a separate graphics card. If you have a currys pc world they can help you find that. You can always then do a Google of the model number for price comparison. For us however the last 3 laptops we bought where all hps from currys. They are pretty good these days for laptops (and I never thought I'd say that)

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