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new laptop or replacing hard drive

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Threeschools Sat 12-Nov-16 19:41:22

DS 13yo laptop has just died and the error message we got after following the hp help instructions indicates we need to replace the hard drive. it is a cheap-ish hp pavilion my DM bought for him last year, I think we got it for £280 or so. now my local computer repair shop wants £120 for labour + £96 for a 1TB hard drive. he uses it only for minecraft, online on a server where he meets with friends. if I buy another one and it dies again in one year's time I'll be annoyed, I am tempted to go for repair but would like to know it will last a good 2 years. any thoughts?

codewaist Wed 16-Nov-16 15:24:16

£96 for a 1TB hard drive seems to be a bit much, EBuyer has them starting at £42

£120 could be OK for 1-2 hours labor if they are going to swap the hard disk, reinstall the operating system and then copy across any data.

At £216 in total can you compare the specification to these an HP 255 G5 Laptop is £230

Swapping a laptop hard disk ranges from very easy < 10min to very hard if you have to dismantle it and remove the keyboard. If you know the model number you always look for instructions online.

Threeschools Wed 16-Nov-16 15:29:39

thanks codewaist, in the end it was still on guarantee so it is now being replace as we speak for free.

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