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Advice on updating technology

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RhubarbCrumbled Fri 11-Nov-16 09:37:24

So I need advice on updating my sound system and TV. At the moment we watch iplayer, netflix, disneylife etc through ipads or we have to plug the laptop into the TV. My hifi is from the 90s. The other compatible technology is an iphone 6s plus (I keep the phone up to date!), an ipad air, an old ipad 2 and a new laptop. The TV is 6 years old so I'm updating this too.

Ideally what I'm after is to be able to listen to music in the living room, bedroom and kitchen all at once and to be able to stream TV without loads of faff and wires and for the kids to be able to do it easily through the ipad. I don't have to have the absolute best speakers, just to be able to listen to CDs and the radio more easily really.

I've looked at Google Chromecast for the TV but other options and suggestions for a decent set are welcome! What's my best bet for music around the house? And what do I need?

nutgrabber Sun 04-Dec-16 08:51:47

Sounds like you might want to add Google chrome cast audio to your speakers around your house so you can link them all together or invest in streaming speakers to do the same thing.

I use Sonos to do all this for me but it can be an expensive and addictive habit when you 'commit' to it. Google will be a much cheaper and cost effective way of doing it if.

I think the main question is whether your TV is compatible first as you might need to upgrade it?

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