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error 403 forbidden message on site

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whoputthecatout Tue 08-Nov-16 21:33:22

Can any of you computer experts tell me why I should suddenly get a error 403 forbidden message when I visit a site I go to most days - and what the heck do I do about it?

cdtaylornats Tue 08-Nov-16 21:38:13

It usually happens when you try to do something you aren't allowed to - in this case it might be you have had a license disallowed or permission to access removed.

Alternatively it can occur if the site is been accessed by to many users, or you have reached a limit of allowed accesses.

whoputthecatout Tue 08-Nov-16 22:01:11

Thanks. I would be surprised if I had access removed as the site is a fund-raising one set up by my DD. I can't imagine either that there is a limit to the number of times it can be accessed, although I suppose this is possible.
Have emailed DD to ask her if she knows what is going on.....confused

olderthanyouthink Wed 09-Nov-16 09:06:12

I think as blocking plugins do this sometimes

Does it happen in all browsers?
Is the site hers or is it one like just giving, go fund me etc?

olderthanyouthink Wed 09-Nov-16 09:07:14

Ad blocking not as blocking

whoputthecatout Wed 09-Nov-16 10:49:38

Yes it happened in all browsers. But it's OK this morning. My DD, whose site it was, was also "blocked" so obviously nothing to do with me but something to do with the site itself.

Thanks for the input everyone.

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