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computer trouble [angry]

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downundergirl Mon 12-Feb-07 00:40:59

Having a lot of trouble with computer and would welcome any help and/or advice please. The mouse freezes a lot and then the whole thing just has to be turned off. When it's switched back on, it recommends a disk check which, if you do it, comes ups with a whole lot of stuff on a blue screen which says something like 'such and such file is corrupt and must be truncated.'
Heaps of lines of this info come up on the screen and then the computer carries on as normal. Hope this makes sense and if it does, can someone tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank you all in advance!

Muminfife Mon 12-Feb-07 11:43:30

Message withdrawn

HandyTrinkett Mon 12-Feb-07 13:14:01

Does just the mouse freeze or does the keyboard also lock up (even if you're not in program where keyboard letters show up you should still be able to make capslock go on and off)?

Hanging and then coming back with disk errors sounds as though your hard-drive might be failing.. ..which is a bad thing..

..if it's just the mouse freezing then updating your graphics card drivers is always a nice idea.

oh, what operating system are you using? Windows XP? Mac OS? Some older windows variant?

downundergirl Wed 14-Feb-07 08:38:29

Thanks for the replies! Keyboard doesn't freeze,just the mouse. Also, the screen isn't clear, wavy lines going across it!!

HandyTrinkett Wed 14-Feb-07 20:06:39

oooh, definitely sounds like something dodgy with graphics card then.. ..although it could be a mouse thing. Don't supposed you've got another mouse to try have you?

ForeverBlowingBubbles Thu 22-Feb-07 10:15:04

If your screen hangs (mouse freezes) then you should still be able to shut down by using the Windows key on your keyboard (if you've got such a key - has the windows logo on it) which will bring up the Start menu. Then key in either Shift+U or Alt+U (or maybe even Ctrl+U!) to shut down safely.

Shutting down via the ON button will always prompt a disk check when you switch on again.

If getting lots of corrupt files, I would think you should Defrag. On Windows XP this is: Start / Control Panel / Performance & Maintenance / Rearrange Items on your Hard Disk / Analyse / Defragment.

If the Analysis says you don't need to Defrag. then go to Start / My Computer / right click on the Hard Disk Drive / Properties / Tools / Check for Errors.

To upgrade your Mouse Driver, go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can download a new driver from there, or contact them for help.

For wavy lines on your screen, it sounds like you need to upgrade your Graphics Driver. If you can find out what Graphics Driver you're using you can then go that manufacturer's website and download an upgrade.

Hope this is of some use,


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