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Rationalising across my devices

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TheSilveryPussycat Sun 30-Oct-16 19:42:41

I've been using computers for years, but because of this I am really not up to date - and it's only this year I've acquired a tablet and smartphone. Add to this that I would prefer to change my Gmail address to Myname.Mysurname from its current slightly odd form.

I'd really like to get it all co-ordinated. I have an old computer that updated itself to Windows 10 and seems to have made me a Microsoft account, and a newer one I planned to transfer to, on which I've set up a (different) Microsoft account, using my current Gmail address (I didn't put my real name on this account, but presume this is easily changed).

I've looked into changing gmail address, it seems to involve a workaround linking it to the current one. And I'll need to update FB, phone and tablet etc won't I?

Not to mention ruddy passwords. I need a decent pw strategy...

All this has left me frustratedly googling, and paralysed sad (and feeling very old) sad I remember when all this was CP/M and a mouse was just a small furry critter-

Any advice, O fellow MNers? In ye olden days I would have bought a book to guide me, but can't seem to find anything suitable.

widowerbutok Mon 31-Oct-16 18:05:41

Have you googled the problem?

TheSilveryPussycat Mon 31-Oct-16 20:57:29

From my OP: All this has left me frustratedly googling,

It's hard to know what search words to use.

childmaintenanceserviceinquiry Mon 31-Oct-16 21:03:31

the last time I accidently set up 2 microsoft accounts and the computer wouldnt do anything it took me ALL day with microsoft to sort out. I mean literally 6 hours. I had googled the problem, knew what I had done, asked Micro-crap to merge the accounts. 2 separate members of their chat staff were unable to achieve anything. A supervisor did it in 10 mins. I complained formally but of course have heard nothing. I absolutely get your pain OP - I am not stupid but it gets ridiculous.

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