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Apple Watch

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NotAHope Tue 11-Oct-16 23:40:40

Has anyone got one? Are they worth it? Just ordered one for my husband for Xmas. He has never really expressed an opinion on them either way and now I'm beginning to doubt myself for getting him one! Sorry for mentioning Xmas!

Milkand2sugarsplease Wed 26-Oct-16 00:44:27

I have one and I absolutely love it.

It's not a 'must have' but as an 'extra' it's fab. I've not worn a watch for years til I got my Apple Watch but now feel lost if I've not got it on.

My initial justification was not being able to have my phone on me at work but still wanting/needing to know if nursery needed to get hold of me.

I had reservations about it getting scratched easily but they seem remarkably hard wearing.

NotAHope Wed 26-Oct-16 20:17:52

Thanks milk! That's a good point that I never thought of!

Strokethefurrywall Wed 26-Oct-16 20:27:27

DH got one for my birthday a couple of weeks back and I really like it.

It's very handy when driving and I can answer calls from the watch, and can set timers and alarms etc.

I only wanted the sport version not that I've used it for exercise yet. But I didn't want the more expensive one as I couldn't tell what benefits there were for the additional cost.

Milkand2sugarsplease Wed 26-Oct-16 23:34:20

I know you've ordered it already but can I ask which you've ordered - the series 1 or the 2?

If you've ordered the new series 2 I'd actually say return it and swap for the 1. It definitely isn't worth an extra £100 for the 2.
My thinking was - the only 2 benefits were
1. That it's waterproof - well, on such an expensive item I wasn't planning on trying out that feature so not necessary
2. It has gps which again, I really couldn't justify the prick hike!

Just a thought.

Milkand2sugarsplease Wed 26-Oct-16 23:35:19

*price hike! Oops

DesolateWaist Wed 26-Oct-16 23:37:34

I've got one. I was very lucky to get one on release.
I love it.
I take and reply to text messages.
Take phone calls.
Check the weather.
Use the timer.
Pay for things all the time.
Use the running app.
Check emails
I have even checked into a flight!

DesolateWaist Wed 26-Oct-16 23:38:32

Oh and I have it in night stand mode and use it as an alarm clock in the morning.

GrinchyMcGrincherson Thu 27-Oct-16 00:21:11

DH has one and he loves it.

Alonglongway Thu 27-Oct-16 00:30:49

Yeah I love mine. Like to see texts/missed calls from kids when I'm at work. Exercise tracking.

NotAHope Sun 30-Oct-16 14:44:35

I got the series 2, that's a good shout milk thanks. I'm glad all said you like it, I'm assuming it's one of those things you don't know you need but when you have it, you can't imagine not having it...

PersonalClown Sun 30-Oct-16 14:56:59

I have one and wouldn't be without it now.

I work in a warehouse so am constantly dealing with stock, up and down ladders etc. I don't want to keep my phone in my pockets in case it falls out but I need to be available in case school or someone important rings.

I hadn't even thought about the ease of answering a call when driving too!

PersonalClown Tue 01-Nov-16 13:45:35

Ok if we're going sideways then I want Gambit from the Wolverine Origins film.
But I have loved Gambit since the cartoons as a child.

PersonalClown Tue 01-Nov-16 13:46:57

Dammit. Wrong thread. Bloody cold fingers and all don't mix well.

Artistic Tue 01-Nov-16 13:50:43

Have been thinking of getting one myself & research suggested the 'new' series1 would do the job. Glad to have all your agreements..

Mumofttwins Tue 01-Nov-16 13:58:21

I've had mine for almost a year. I love it smile

Summerwood1 Wed 02-Nov-16 23:15:23

How far away does your iPhone have to be. At work we keep phones in a locked cupboard. I don't want to buy one and then find out it can't pick up texts/calls because I'm too far away from the phone.

DesolateWaist Wed 02-Nov-16 23:30:56

You have to be fairly close I guess.
I'm in a standard 3 bed semi and it works anywhere in my house, but not if I go outside.

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