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Please tell me about your Tivo

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MrsCanute Mon 10-Oct-16 13:24:19

Thinking of getting one (we're with Virgin, it would only be 80p extra a month on our exisiting deal). But looking closer I see that though the Virgin TiVo offers Netflix, it doesn't offer Amazon Video or the BBC iPlayer.

We have a PVR which is fine, really, we only watch freeview. I just find it a pain to connect the laptop to the TV to watch iplayer or Amazon.

Do you love your Tivo? Would I love it too? This seems like a lot of faff just to get Netflix.

cdtaylornats Tue 11-Oct-16 21:10:35

By a chromecast and use that to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly

MrsCanute Wed 12-Oct-16 17:29:18

Hmm. Will look into this, thank you

suitsyousir79 Wed 12-Oct-16 17:31:40

You can watch iplayer on the tivo box, ithas all the tv channels on demand service, although its running slowly at the moment which i think is due to software upgrades.

MrsCanute Thu 13-Oct-16 15:05:16

That's weird, the Virgin chap said no BBC iplayer on their tivo.
I'd heard it was very slow.

Bumply Fri 14-Oct-16 07:27:45

My Mum had a TiVo decades ago so now I have one with virgin all the remote noises (badoop badoop as you fast forward) remind me of her.

You do have access to to BBC programs via On Demand, but not Amazon - although I keep reading about it possibly happening.

Things I like about the TiVo
- three channels so you can record three things or record two and watch on another
- Automatically records programs it thinks you might like
- you can set up wish lists of favourite actors/series and it will record any appearances including chat show interviews
- series links works well so you don't have to remember when the next series of Xxx starts and records repeats which is handy if it's not in the currently available box sets
- search facility so you can easily find things that are upcoming, available on demand, available to hire for two days

HalloToJasonIsaacs Fri 14-Oct-16 07:31:52

Chromecasts are great and very cheap if all you want is to make your telly play iplayer and Amazon Prime.

Groovee Fri 14-Oct-16 08:09:32

We like our TiVo as it automatically records our programmes etc.

Netflix can be slow. I tend to watch on my iPad instead.

MrsCanute Mon 17-Oct-16 18:02:29

Thanks all. Think we will try the Chromecast.

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