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Can anyone recommend any Blackberry Apps; the ones I have are crap

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Katymac Fri 23-Sep-16 20:46:07

The Facebook one does nothing at all the old one was much better

& the google maps one is worse!!

Any suggestions

(& yes currently I have to use a blackberry as I struggle with a touch screen due to mobility/sight issues)

prh47bridge Mon 26-Sep-16 18:49:32

With Blackberry sales so low I'm afraid there isn't much incentive for developers to produce good apps for it. They'll be chasing platforms that have more users - Android, iPhone and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone. That's not much help for people like you but I'm afraid that's the way it is at the moment. Sorry.

Katymac Mon 26-Sep-16 20:11:56

I worry you might be right

Have you seen a smart phone with proper keys?

prh47bridge Mon 26-Sep-16 22:19:29

There aren't many. The Blackberry Priv is an Android phone with a slide out keyboard. As it runs Android instead of Blackberry's own operating system it has access to the full range of Android apps. Samsung produce clip-on keyboards for use with some of their more recent models such as the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. I haven't used any of these so I can't make any recommendations but these would appear to be the best options.

Katymac Mon 26-Sep-16 22:39:23

Thanks I'll have a look

There are keyboards ou can buy on amazon but I am scared of buying a crap one or one that isn't compatible

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