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How do I unzip something on an ipad?

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I have downloaded an app (map) for dd's Minecraft PE. We spent a very long time following the instructions - successfully! - to link the ipad to my laptop, open the ipad in itunes on the laptop, etc, but the last step was simply 'unzip the folder and copy into the app', with no clue how to do it. I right clicked, left clicked, double clicked, dragged, copied, downloaded winzip for ios ... but nothing. Many hours of our lives have been lost ... Any ideas?

RustyBear Sun 18-Sep-16 10:09:18

Sounds like you need to unzip it on the laptop, not the iPad, and then sync it to the iPad. Depends on the operating system on your laptop - in Windows a right click should give you a menu including 'Extract All' which will then give you a dialogue box asking where you want to extract to.

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