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Odd use of email and recovering Outlook permanently deleted emails

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FritzDonovan Mon 12-Sep-16 01:37:46

I have a few issues I'm hoping for help with...
Basically, H used to have a hotmail account, which I don't think he has used for a long time (but could be mistaken). He set up a microsoft account for use with a new xbox a while ago, said he didn't know outlook account came with it.

1. However, he was working abroad and when he got back I found a link from the history of his computer which went to the "msn (country abroad)" page which said "you have logged out of your email/outlook (I can't remember). Sign in again?" He says he has never logged into the outlook account, this page (along with other msn (country) pages) must have automatically come up when he logged in at the hotel to use the computer.
Is this possible if he hadn't signed in to outlook?

2. I logged into the outlook account and recovered a bunch of emails from the deleted folder (which showed as empty) using the recover email option, which showed specific dates. He apparently has not been on microsoft /msn on these dates, but I managed to find info to show someone was logged onto microsoft on the more recent date. The older date is months ago, so may not show in the usage log anyway.
If he has never used this account, is it possible for emails to be on the server (or whatever, I'm not v tech savvy!) and therefore available for recovery? Could it be spam or automatically purged items from microsoft? The account was not set up to automatically delete or sweep. How would stuff move around in there unless someone logged in?

3. The recovered emails are sitting in the inbox right now but are pretty useless. No sender, no message text, but I can get a message ID.
Is there a way of recovering these properly?
If so, does it matter that I have recovered them to the inbox already?
Is the message ID useful for anything?

Sorry it's a bit of a ramble and thanks if you have read this far...any info would be greatly appreciated, I need to get to the bottom of this but dont want to mess things up by stumbling around not knowing what I'm doing smile

LouisvilleLlama Mon 12-Sep-16 01:44:57

Can't help but if it's linked to the Xbox, could the sign in date be, him or someone using the xbox?

FritzDonovan Mon 12-Sep-16 01:55:51

Definitely not on the xbox on the confirmed log in date, as I'm pretty sure we were all out at someone's house (and not playing an xbox). He said he could have clicked on an email (in his usual account) which was a microsoft digital receipt, but I don't see how this would have opened the outlook account without him knowing, or deleted from the outlook account. Additionally, there are loads of microsoft receipts in his usual email which he hasn't deleted so should still be in outlook if this is what the emails were, and in fact there are many more recovered emails than can be explained by microsoft receipts.

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