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GPS bag tracker for musical instrument

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SE13Mummy Sun 11-Sep-16 12:50:09

I'm looking for a gps tracker I can store in DD's instrument case so that if she leaves it on the bus we can track it down. Most of the trackers I've seen use Bluetooth and so have a small range. I'm not after something that will alert me whenever the instrument and DD have separated but something that means I can identify where it's been left.

Any ideas? We're Android users and would prefer something that doesn't require a subscription.

Please help!

codewaist Sun 16-Oct-16 09:00:54

There are GPS trackers on eBay and Amazon for about £25 that are effectively a phone with GPS, you send a text message and it replies with the coordinates, more sophisticated versions will include some sort of mapping tools.

Your problem is always going to be battery life, you will need to change the tracker every few days (or every day)

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