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Macbook help please - I can't see the bottom of the screen

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putthesneckon Thu 25-Aug-16 16:55:00

My Macbook is 2 years old so Apple won't help me.

I have only ever used it to browse the internet and for photo storage etc

I have never been able to access Numbers or Pages as I can't get beyond the Getting Started screen as i can't see the full window.
I've ignored this and continues to produce doc on my old Windows desktop.

I am going away early tomorrow and need to be able to access and edit a couple of Office docs. So i have downloaded Microsoft Office.
It has downloaded fine I click to open it and can see and click the Get Started button which then asks me to choose my theme - Colourful or Classic.
Whichever one I choose nothing happens - I've tried ENTER, I've tried arrow down button, arrow right button. Nothing.
But again I feel like I can't see the full window, as though there might be a CONTINUE bottom that I can't see,

Please can anyone help me?


putthesneckon Thu 25-Aug-16 17:30:54

bump smile

Wallywobbles Thu 25-Aug-16 17:56:01

In system preferences/dock unselect automatically hide and show dock.

Also F3.

there is also an option for where the icons are stored you can change the position and have a play with it.

You can also open all apps using the search facility - top left of the screen.

The apps screen at the bottom should be there when you put you mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen.

putthesneckon Thu 25-Aug-16 21:26:55

Thank you so much Wally.... my dock was always visible so blocking the bottom of many screens.
Now it only appears when i move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

Problem solved; many many thanks

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