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Memoires Thu 18-Aug-16 21:40:40

About 6 or 7 years I bought (outright) an HTC Desire. It has done sterling work in that time, but is now dying slowly.

I really need some help in choosing a 'new' one; inverted commas are because I can't really afford brand new...

I don't really use the phone to its full capacity as I have an iPad and a laptop and a kindle, so do most things using one of those.

I do want a smart phone though, rather than a thing like dh has which really only does calls and texts ( and texts use the number pad, so 1 press for a, 2 for b, 3 for c etc).

I'd like a goodish camera, a large screen, wifi and possibly 3g though I don't tend to go online atm but things can always change.

I've been looking at refurbished as I don't want to spend much over £100, but I would also quite like it to last as long as my current phone has.

So can you geeky people recommend anything?

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