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Mobile Phone Upgrade - Better offer in store or by phone?

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ElasticFirecracker Mon 15-Aug-16 10:26:19

My question is will Vodafone give me a better upgrade deal if I ring them or if I go into the store?

I am a Vodafone customer, due for an upgrade. I'm willing to switch provider, but have checked on uSwitch and found Vodafone are offering a deal which would suit me -- a lower monthly cost, and 5GB more data per month and everything else I already have. There is an upfront charge for the phone, but the total cost is competitive.

As a Vodafone customer since 1998 I would be looking for them to improve on this offer, say by reducing the upfront phone cost, or even giving it to me free of charge.

I would really rather just go into the shop and arrange the upgrade and take the phone away with me, but I always had an idea that you got a better deal on the phone.

I'm reluctant to do this by phone because:

-Last year I upgraded my son's phone and it their system kept accidentally cancelling the order and I could never escalate the matter and just kept talking to different very patronising call centre people. It took nearly a month of daily hour long conversations. And I swore tha tI would leave Vodafone when I could. However, that is now in the past and they seem to have a reasonable offer now.

-I really want the new phone NOW.

Any help appreciated.

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