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How to stop the tedious spam.......

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Liltzero Sun 31-Jul-16 20:09:28

I've got a hotmail account and until recently I've not received any spam. But now I'm getting a series of message, always in the same style but from different addresses, offering Morrison vouchers, ASOS vouchers, credit cards etc etc. I'm moving them to Junk in the hotmail desktop and in Outlook I'm marking as Junk and 'Blocking sender' to no avail. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email but I'm concerned that if I click that it will just confirm that mine is an active email address.

Any advice on what else I can do please?

prh47bridge Mon 01-Aug-16 09:11:21

The only additional step you can take is to install a spam filter for Outlook. This won't make any difference to what you see in the Hotmail desktop but it may reduce the amount of spam you see in Outlook. There are various products available. Some antivirus products also include spam scanning.

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