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HappydaysArehere Wed 25-May-16 09:06:00

A few weeks ago I updated my iPad as I always do. However at that time I was directed - not offered- to verify it. As no choice appeared to be given I thought it was some new requirement. I filled in my mobile phone no as required. I was sent a code of 4 numbers and told to put this in my MacBook. Go to MacBook and there was request to give code. I put this in. Nos are visible, I have phone next to me to check, should have been straight forward. Oh! No, this is incorrect it kept saying. After that various codes appeared on my phone. All rejected by my Mac. After seeing my laptop spinning and demanding verification somehow it settled and sent me an email saying thanks for verifying. It then gave me an option to change back but this would require a new password. I proceeded to do this as I never want verification again. Went thro this, lost my beloved password, and confirmed this here, there and everywhere as required. Only the other day, iCloud was having problems and asking for my password. Gave it and all is peaceful at the moment. Now I am being offered another update. I cannot bear going through all that again. I have updated umpteen times and never had such trouble. Has anyone had similar trouble. If so I would be so grateful for advice.

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