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iMac/Windows data recovery

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NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown Sat 07-May-16 12:59:29

Ok I'm pretty much a novice at this stuff but have picked up a few things here and there (mainly YouTube) so please speak slowly and clearly to me!

I had a 20" iMac. One day a few years back it just stopped working. It's got a ton of photos, videos, music on iTunes and some documents I'd like back. My brother removed the hard drive and we scrapped the rest.

Fast forward to now. I thought I'd try and recover the data. So I bought a SATA to USB cable. It didn't show up on my computer. In disk management it was there but unallocated. Long story short I accidentally formatted it sad

I have purchased EaseUS recovery software..I can see it all there in theory but cannot preview it and it's taking an absolute age to recover to my (much smaller) external hard drive. I've selected the files I think are what I want to downsize the whole thing but I can't view them once they arrive there.

I'm assuming this is because they are meant for Mac and I'm using a Windows computer...does that sound right?

I have a trial of HFS explorer but it could not find the drive before I formatted it and now it says there are no HFS+ files present.

I'm stuck, can anyone help please?

ooohsopink Sat 07-May-16 18:40:01

Is there an option to sync to iTunes?

NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown Sat 07-May-16 21:34:07

Deja vu confused

From what? EaseUS? I don't think so. I'm trying Phoenix Macintosh something or other now but it can't seem to read the drive

cdtaylornats Sun 08-May-16 08:21:42

If you formatted it on the Windows computer it will have formatted as FAT32 and your HFS+ format will be gone. Even if the files could be found then the will be no HFS+ file table to recover them to.

I would suggest you email explaining what you have done and see if he can help.

At the very least he might be able to tell you its hopeless.

markmohan Mon 01-Aug-16 08:39:44

To recover deleted or lost data from corrupted hard drive of Windows operating system, you can use Kernel for Windows Data Recovery software. It is a very proficient and affordable tool that allows you to get back inaccessible or deleted data from damaged or formatted Windows FAT and NTFS partition without making any change in original data. For more information, visit:

simonasexton Thu 13-Oct-16 13:02:42

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

kieroST Wed 19-Apr-17 13:18:20

Recuva is the best solution for Windows data recovery. It's freeware utility provided by Piriform. It's also available for Mac systems. It can restore whatever you've lost due to accidental deletion and corruption from the hard disk and its volumes. It can restore data from corrupt/damaged as well as formatted hard disk drives.

Interested users can also refer to this blog post for useful information -

I hope the shared information would be helpful here.

Thanks and best regards.

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