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5th generation Fire HDs of all sizes - Major Issue with SD card

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JPinkertonSnoopington Sat 30-Apr-16 02:05:24

Hi - just to give you the heads up. There is a known issue with the above. If the battery runs down completely the SD card that provides extra storage will be wiped completely, and even if you eject the card and reinsert it, the Fire still won't see it. It will see a new card but you have to reload all your data. This happened to me but I'm hanging on to my Fire HD 10 as I like it and Amazon are working on a fix which they will roll out to existing users. If deciding what to buy you may want to give it a miss, however.

JPinkertonSnoopington Sat 30-Apr-16 02:07:46

PS - I am being careful not to let the battery run down, as you can imagine!

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