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Help me choose a new phone...

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walkingtheplank Sun 24-Apr-16 14:50:04

I need to replace my Samsung S4 Mini but I have no idea how to choose a phone.

I don't want an Apple phone.

I do want to be able to use my phone for
text messaging
occasional phone calls
using the internet
taking photographs (the Samsung S4 Mini has always been awful in this regard)
as a SatNav

I like the size of my current phone. I'd like it to be small enough to fit into my jeans pocket.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

theshield Mon 09-May-16 22:48:20

You might like to try an honor 7 it cost under £260.00 and if it is like anything like my honor 6+ it should be an awesome phone. You can find it on Amazon or three mobile unlocked

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