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Hyperlinks in Excel

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TimeIhadaNameChange Tue 19-Apr-16 16:03:34

I'm creating a spreadsheet of information regarding pdfs on the computer. Each file has its own row on the spreadsheet.

I know I can add hyperlinks to the spreadsheet so I can easily open the relevant file if needed. Can I save a copy on an external hard-drive which will include the 'working' hyperlinks? I would be saving the files on the hard-drive as well, but I'm not totally convinced everything would still work smoothly as the source of the files will change. Is there a way to make this happen?


FlysInDreams Tue 19-Apr-16 16:52:43

Will the spreadsheet and PDFs be in the same folder, or the same parent/sub-folder? I would have thought it would work if so.

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