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Hidden charges

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aloha2016 Tue 19-Apr-16 11:31:00

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately my external hard drive with every single picture of mine has completely crashed. Stupidly I thought it was meant to last forever, only now realising the cloud is the way to go when it comes to storing your precious memories. Anyway a company had given me a ridiculously high quote after I had dropped the drive off.

When I told them that I'd like to collect my drive they explained that I could only have my drive couriered back to me at a £20 fee. I explained that I looked on the website and emails and that there is not information about this fee or in fact the courier only return. They replied legally they do not have to put that information on the site and the courier fee is only explained if the person asks about it.

Is that true? Secondly it must breach some law or right conducting in this manner as I have never had this type of situation before with any company. Any help will be appreciated! x

cdtaylornats Thu 21-Apr-16 07:29:36

Explain to them that you are calling in to pick it up and if they don't return it you will be making your next port of call the Police Station to report a theft.

aloha2016 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:48:00

They keep saying the same thing over about how legally they are not obliged to put it up. Thanks for the reply though x

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