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Facebook - Nice posts with graphic link - Open Graph

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nannynick Mon 04-Apr-16 19:17:07

I struggle to do good links from Facebook... you know the sort of thing that Mumsnet does where they have a picture with a caption below which links to a page/thread. I want to do similar but I can't seem to do it well.

Using Wordpress without a plugin to specially do Open Graph Markup, I find that I can sometimes get Facebook to produce the image from my manual entry of Open Graph metadata but other times the image won't be detected or it won't reproduce well.

Are there any special tips for getting this to work, or do I need a plugin for Wordpress rather than editing the page contents?

Any good places to get images from and easy ways to add things to images, such as a little text? Flickr has some images under Creative Commons. Shutter Stock provides images for use in Facebook Ads but is there a way to add those (from the Facebook Business account) to a page post - or do I need a separate shutter stock account?

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