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Anyone use a Nexus 5X

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kickassangel Sun 03-Apr-16 23:53:50

DH is suggesting that I get a 5X and sign up for Project Fi.

Anyone got any experience? DH is massively geeky, and sometimes likes things that other normal people don't.

I am not geeky and currently use an iphone.

BUT - I am tempted by a possible massive reduction in my phone bill.

BUT worried that I won't be able to use the phone with imovie.

And I'm assuming that I can kiss goodbye to any music on itunes.

Any thoughts/experience? (btw, in the US so billing cost etc different)

kickassangel Mon 04-Apr-16 15:09:55

bumping this for UK daytime

codewaist Sun 10-Apr-16 13:13:34

Can't comment on Project fi. It I'm very disappointed with my x5 and would not recommend it. The headphone volume is very low, the camera flash goes off just before it takes a picture leafing the photograph very dark and I've recently had problems with Bluetooth.

Whish ID gone with a a Motorola

foragogo Wed 13-Apr-16 19:38:51

I've got 2 5X and a Nexus 5. My DP who is not very geeky has my old Nexus 5 and has no issues at all with it, but only uses it as a basic phone. My son has a Nexus 5x and it is great for him, I also love the android parental control software and find my phone apps I've put on it. I have a 5X and am a power user. I use it for streaming, watching movies, downloading, have a file system on it etc. I would rate it as pretty good for all my everyday needs. It does occasionally slightly lag under the onslaught I put it under but I regularly optimise and clean it and it is fine. However, I didn't think it was much of a step up from the Nexus 5 and would ideally have liked the extra grunt of a Nexus 6P but I didn't want the bigger size.

Saying all that I am a massive android convert as got so sick of paying through the nose for a technically inferior platform and locked down OS (apple) but that is from a geeky point of view. For ease of use you prob can't beat an iPhone but for value for money and flexibility has to be pure android for me which pretty much equals the Nexus phones at the moment I think.

I don't use a music library anymore really and got rid of iTunes tears ago so i mainly use Spotify on the phone. I also use it as a Sonos controller. However I do have some local songs for the kids on it and just play them with Google play. I also sometimes play music from my cloud storage on the phone that way too. I should thibk there's a way to link iTunes to a Nexus 5x (or any android phone) but it may be fiddly.

In short great phone, but probably you'd need a bit of tech know how to get the most out of it (compared to iPhone) (or get your DH to admin it like I do to all ours).

foragogo Wed 13-Apr-16 19:44:35

for movies i just use the VLC app which pretty much plays any movie format (unlike iMovie) but I stream my movies from the internet, I'm not sure where the one in your imovies come from. All the apple stuff is proprietary format so you may have to faff around converting it. I am pretty sure your geek DH could sort all this out for you in the Nexus 5x though (or any android phone)

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