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DD has a Gmail calendar on her phone but it doesn't show on a computer when she logs in - what is wrong?

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Katymac Sat 26-Mar-16 21:15:00

As it is beyond me......stupid computer

Trills Sat 26-Mar-16 21:29:25

Is she definitely logging in with the same account?

And then going to on her computer?

Katymac Sat 26-Mar-16 22:00:34

Nope after hours and angsting I find out she is using her apple calendar and trying to sync it

Stupid child

I am getting an apple calendar to sync with - which could have happened months ago

Sorry for the thread!!

Trills Sat 26-Mar-16 22:04:53

Glad you got it fixed!

Next time someone posts a thread like this I will also ask "are you SURE it's a gmail calendar?" grin

Katymac Sat 26-Mar-16 22:13:13

Very very cross we have been messing with this since before christmas

I sent her a troubleshooting link and she said well I'm not using that!!!

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