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Need advice on storage and back-up...

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TheScarletSquid Fri 11-Mar-16 18:51:53

I would appreciate any advice on storing and backing-up work files.

At the moment I work mainly on my desktop pc (which is our home computer) and copy the work files onto a memory stick every week, then onto my laptop a couple of times a month. I use the laptop for work only a couple of times a month as it's old, slow and heavy.

I'm about to buy a new laptop just for work, but want a small one that I can carry around and do bits on here and there, so will make more use of it - probably using it several times a week. I'll need to ensure I'm always working on up to date documents. I'll still do a lot of work on the desktop.

Should I continue to store files on my desktop and back-up to a memory stick and laptop (so keep copying files back and forth, probably most days), or is there a better way of doing it?

We have OneDrive on our desktop pc but this is linked to our personal email account, so I don't want to use this for work. The work email account is gmail, so I have GoogleDrive with that, but I can't get on with working on files in google format once they're uploaded - I need to be able to work in normal Excel and Word etc.

I've separated my files into an archive, which will be added to about twice a year and may be up to 1GB, and current files - again will be up to 1GB, so not a great deal of storage required. I'm happy to treat these separately if it makes more sense to do so. We have an external hard drive, so I've copied the archive onto that, but also onto the memory stick and laptop as I read that everything should be in three different places, just in case. I feel like I'm swamped in work files!

Any advice appreciated.... thanks.

TennesseeMountainPointOfView Fri 11-Mar-16 19:26:04

if you work for yourself, and don't have to meet any company or regulatory requirements, have a look at dropbox. You'll have plenty of space on the free version but you can upgrade for more if you need to, and the app installs on your machine so will sync your files automatically, but you still work in word/excel etc.

I would also always keep a couple of offline backups, one you update each day, one each week/month, because you can never be too careful.

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