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Photobooks - Photobox, Vistaprint, Boots?

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LIZS Fri 26-Feb-16 17:00:23

Can anyone recommend a foolproof photobook website please. Mixture of scanned and digital pics, about 20 pages.

TennesseeMountainPointOfView Fri 26-Feb-16 22:03:12

I've used both Photobox and Vistaprint for photobooks, they were both good. Overall I think Photobox were cheaper, and I had a slight preference for using their site as far as uploading stuff, but I'd use them both again probably.

Haven't used Boots, so have no opinion on them.

ScarletForYa Fri 26-Feb-16 22:04:38

I use photobox. I really like them.

Akire Fri 26-Feb-16 22:05:50

Use photo box too often have good deals. If you start compiling a book and don't finish it they may email you a reminder with an offer to finish it off!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 26-Feb-16 22:11:05

Blurb are great if you want to have more control over how the finished project looks, or if you want a lot of text.

Have used Photobox before with no issues.

CauliflowerBalti Fri 26-Feb-16 22:12:07

Snapfish! Just ordered two holiday hardbacks and really really happy with the quality. Went for very minimal books using just plain white backgrounds and no text but there's loads of choice if you like fancier stuff. Print quality is outstanding - mine was a mix of DSLR pics and phone pics, and while you can tell the difference in terms of depth of field etc, they both printed brilliantly at large sizes. Easy to put pages together - the 'magic templates' are ace, just dump the pics on the page, click 'magic' and it rearranges. Keep clicking until you like the arrangement! There are also oodles of preset page templates or you can custom each page. I only did this occasionally as the layouts were nice.

Quick delivery and there's an offer code on the homepage right now for 50% off if you order before March 1. So pleased with our books.

LIZS Sat 27-Feb-16 06:53:20

Lots of ideas thank you. Boots seem to use Snapfish and you can get delivery to a local store which might avoid the OTT delivery charges I've heard about.

FinallyHere Sat 27-Feb-16 07:17:55

Another vote for snapfish here.

GalinaJohnes Thu 13-Apr-17 11:27:19

Hello! Have someone tried the " refer a friend " program from Photobox ? I invited my friend , she made an order and I did not received my bonus of choice...
Thank you!

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