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Creating a text files from drop down menus?

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TeamEponine Tue 16-Feb-16 12:32:34

I was wondering if anyone had a solution for a Word/Excel project I am trying to get my head around. I've tried googling, but I'm not sure what the right keywords are, so I'm not getting much success!

My team and I have to very frequently put together very repetitive and standardised reports. At the moment this is on a custom programme, but the person who wrote it is no longer available to update it, and it does not work on Macs or Windows 10 and most laptops (no idea why!), which is becoming a big issue!

So, I want to create a new system, and I'm sure I must be able to do this with Word, possibly combined with Excel.

Here's what I want to do...

I have about 50 fields, each of which has 1-5 possible responses associated with it. The responses can be from one to five sentences long. I need to be able to work through the fields, selecting the right option for each one that is relevant and ignoring fields that are not relevant. The options need to be editable as they sometimes need to be made more specific to the project.

Once all of the fields have been worked through, this needs to be compiled into a text file, with a few subheadings through it, than can then be cut and paste into an online form.

I'm thinking that it must be possible somehow, maybe through the Word Developer tab options? I've used these before, but only for quite basic things.

Any hints and tips?!

widowerbutok Tue 16-Feb-16 16:50:49

Hi, this may help as a starter its called How to Create a Drop Down List in Word:-

Best of luck

widowerbutok Tue 16-Feb-16 16:58:15

This is a similar one for excel.

Hope these help

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